Monday, April 5, 2010

Commen Sex Myths and the Facts.

There are many myths about sex.  We consult many of smart sex experts & doctors, about this and here what are the results : -

1.Men who are uncircumcised can have better sex.  -  FALSE
By studies and researchers it has been proved that, there is no major difference in any sexual activity between men who are circumcised and uncircumcised. They can achieve the same pleasures.

2.Nipple stimulation can orgasm the women – TRUE
The upper portion of breast is ultra sensitive in women and can orgasm most of the women. Although every woman is different, however, breast or nipple stimulation is the best start to get your women on.

3.The Average Erection is about 8 inches – FALSE
The size differs with the overall personality and it does not important in the sexual satisfaction level.  The size doesn’t matter, only you should have skills. 

4.Some specific type of food make you horny – FALSE
There is nothing to make you horny, unless you wish.  Only your desire can make yourself horny.  However, there are some medicines, like Viagra, Cialis, will help you to increase your sex power and keep your erection longer and stronger.

5.Semen is low carb. - FAULSE
Semen is mostly fruit sugar (fructose) and enzymes.

6.Your living style and eating habits can change your semen taste. – TRUE
Normally Semen is bitter in taste and what you eat or drink can change the taste of your semen.  Drinking alcohol, smoking, eating meat, drinking coffee, can change your semen taste.

7.Men requires more sex and thinking about sex very frequently. – FALSE
The nature and thinking is variable and can be changed. It totally depends upon the situation. Maybe some think frequently with fantasy, but the rest are distracted.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Blackhead free skin

Blackheads on the skin is a common problem for all especially for those  who have oily skin. This can be a regular problem for few, who does not have an idea how to control it, and how to get rid of it.

Before going to any skin treatement, it is vital to know to your skin type.  Skin treatement should be doen according to your skin type for better results. However, there are certain things for which it does not necessary to know your skin type and though, it will work better.

Some simple and basic tips for cure black heads

  • Wash your face twice in a day. Use mild soap or face wash for better results.
  • Dry your face with a fresh & dry towel. Avoid previously used towel.
  • Take a bath with warm water. Steam bath is the common treatment in spas. 
  • Avoid Junk Food, This will keep you healthy and keep you fit, resulting your good skin also.
  • Change your pillowcases on regular basis. May be daily or 2-3 days interval.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Swimming - for exercise and relaxation both

Swimming is the best exercise, that anyone can do.  This exercise also has a lot of fun and relaxation.  Swimming is one of those in which you use your all body parts.  It not only tones up the body but also did a best cardiovascular workout.

Here are some points to remember about swimming.


You should consult with your doctor once, if your are swimming in pregnancy, or have a chronic back problem, have any joint, heart, or inner-ear problems. 

Benefits of swimming.

A very good Calorie burner : Swimming exercise burns your calories, as you did it by walking or jogging.

Swimming helps you to increments your blood circulation and which is good for the health

Swimming is the best exercise for them who has breast cancer or exercising after breast surgery.

Swimming is the best to improve your capacity.

Swimming as rehabilitation - It helps people to rebound back after the injuries or long illness.

Swimming is even helpful in pregnancy, as it can helps women for a stronger abdominal and shoulder muscles.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New ways to quit smoking

There are more than hundred ways to quit smoking.  All of them are successful also, upto certain level.  The success level totally depends upon the strong desire of person to stop smoking.

Cold Turkey method – this is the old but less successful method to quit smoking.  In this method you need a strong will power to quit smoking successfully.  It has been noticed that people found very hard to give up the addiction of nicotine.  When they stop smoking, the carving begins.  Some have extreme difficulty to control this, and due to less or weaker will power, the method fells.

Nicotine patches or gum – This is a much better and successful method.  People found the patches or gum satisfactory and they found ease to stop smoking.

Hypnosis – this is one more very successful method to stop smoking.  The treatment is at physical level as well as psychological.   Thus anyone can quit smoking, as the urge of smoking is mainly a psychological additions.  This method removes this addition and helps people to stop smoking forever.
Another way is to find some alternative to nicotine.  Many people have stopped smoking with help of this method.  There are many alternatives available to replace the nicotine or tobacco.  This will break the nicotine level.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Successful ways to stop smoking.

Thousands of people around the world have been addicted to Cigarette Smoking, and habitual with nicotine.   If you are one of them, but, trying to come out of it and stop smoking, you are at right place. 

Do not miss those momentary pleasures, ahead in your life.  Get out of the nicotine dependence and be healthy.  There are many to help you to quit smoking.  Here are some good tips.

Power of ‘NO’

Speak to yourself and ask “Why you are smoking?”  You will get the reason embedded in your mind.  Start saying NO to that desire of smoking.  Your mind will try to convince you but stick to your decision.  Your brain and mind will work accordingly and start working as usual even without smoking. 

Find out suitable alternative

There are many substitutes for nicotine available today, like nicotine patch, e-cigarettes or nicotine free cigarettes.  Try any of suitable option on the utmost desire of smoking.

Visit your Doctor

Doctors are always helping you.  There are many medicines which will help you to find ease to stop smoking, like Zyban, or any other prescribed by your physician.  

Engaged in some physical activity

Take active part in any sports, do swimming, jogging, or anything, which will free your lungs and let you take more oxygen with every breath.  Once you are habitual with these sports or activities, you will automatically refuse any kind of thing which causes you a health problem. 

Keep watch

Smoking has many, many & many side effects.  Study them, read about them, and think, do you want one of the cigarette or nicotine victims?

The only way to stop smoking is your will power.  As strong as your will power is you will find stop smoking easy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why to stop smoking ?

Here are few reasons why it is necessary to quit smoking.

You will not from cancer?
You could save lot of money
You will smell better
You will sleep better
You will get rid of morning cough
You will have wrinkle free skin
You will save others from exposing with your smoke
You will be in good shape
Finally you will be healthy and happy.

If you want this or any of the above you will need stop smoking.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smoking caused to the impotency

If you are a regular smoker, chain smoker, occasional smoker, or any thing. There are chances to become IMPOTENT.

Scary news !!! But Unfortunately it is True.

Cigarette has plenty of side effects which are harmful to you and to others.

When you smoke, you intake the 20% Carbon monoxide and nicotine inherent, and 80% you left for others.

This means, you are affecting others who are there with you while smoking.

If you smoke during pregnancy, you can affect your unborn child with immeasurable irreversible harm such as stillbirth, fetal oxygen deprivation, placental abnormalities, and many more.

So Stop Smoking Now and get a healthier and happier life ahead. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Perfect time to quit smoking keeps you Fit & Healthy

Are you looking for the perfect time to stop smoking?  Few people wait till they get in problem physically or something happened which was worst. If you believe in yourself and love yourself, the perfect time to stop smoking is right away.

No matter how long you have been smoking or will you succeed or not.  In fact, every person who has stop smoking has tried to quit smoking many times before they succeed. Also, there are many others in your lobby, willing to quit smoking.  So go ahead, you are not alone.

The utmost thing to quit smoking is your desire to stop smoking. As strong your desire is, you will have ease to quit smoking.  Also, there are many medicines like Zyban or Bupropion to help you.  Also there are many techniques like meditation, breathing exercise, e cigarette, to find you ease in quit smoking

You can opt any method and can stop smoking now onwards.